John Yang

EECS '20 at UC Berkeley
Former , SWE Intern


This is a compilation of some of the selected projects that I've worked on before. Click each project's title for more information.


Google Assistant tool predicting spending trends using ARIMA and financial history

Basketball Trivia

Voice driven multiple choice game for Amazon Alexa


Feature phone utility for booking curated flights via SMS text and phone calls


Brain training app geared towards helping children with mental challenges

Detroit Transport

Web + Mobile Platform facilitating safety in Detroit's public transit systems


iOS application that provides efficient multi-destination routing


A low cost, uncomplicated, accessible Parkinson's partner


Small web game put together using HTML/CSS sprinkled with Javascript

An additional list containing some of the projects I've worked on from both UC Berkeley's Computer Science curriculum and research efforts.

GPU Acceleration

(CS 184) Improving path tracing execution speed with NVIDIA's GPU-enabled OptiX graphics library

March Madness Prediction

(DS 100) Logistic Regression + Feature Engineering to predict the outcomes of the 2018 March Madness Tournament

Satellite Tracking

Helping to deploy a M2 Leo-pack, polarized antenna for Low Earth Orbit Satellite communications.

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